Frequently Asked Questions

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When I start a Ripple, does my personal information get shared with my neighbors or the sponsors?

Nope. We use general location to coordinate the services that our community is ordering. First names and street names are the most that will be forwarded.

How close do you have to be to the scheduled service job or delivery to get a ripple offer?

We try keep it to within .5 miles because we understand that the less distance a business has to drive to get to their next customer benefits everything from the environment to the cost for services of our neighbors.

What kinds of services are available to hire?

The most popular have been window washers, driveway paving & maintenance, landscaping, electrical contractors, home cleaning services, mobile detailing, arborist care, handyman, roof repair & hard-scaping. Plus some other fun offers for massages, grocery delivery, laundry services, vehicle maintenance and pet care. More industries joining the program all the time.

Are you in my location yet?

We might be! Send us a message at to find out. The best way to get us launched in your community is to share with your neighbors and friends.

I haven’t received any Ripple offers lately, what gives?

We hear you and are working on growing the concentration of our members. The more neighbors we have in the pool benefits you and the Ripple Effect. Share with your friends our mission and it will help reduce traffic, pollution and cost while building a stronger community.

What kind of benefits or offers do the businesses provide?

They select from a list of options that includes 5-20% off, a dollar amount, first 15-30 minutes of complimentary services, free estimates or their choice. They typically base it on what a new client who’s next door to their current clients is worth.

How are your businesses & contractors selected to participate?

We tend to only invite companies who have been recommended by residents of your town or who have a great reputation. When our members receive a contractors ripple offer, that should indicate that they’ve recently been hired by one of their neighbors. That’s good news for you!

Why should I subscribe?

Because every time you order something or hire a company without providing the opportunity for someone in your neighborhood to piggyback on that transaction, it is not only costing you more, but also your neighbors and the environment. SUBSCRIBE