How It Works

Community Ripple
Get Coordinated

Ever felt uncoordinated? We have too! But with Community Ripple that icky feeling can be a thing of the past. Through our Ripple Effect, neighbors know who’s working in the neighborhood, when they’ll be there and what offers are available.

It’s Easy Being Green

Kermit the frog was wrong! We still like him though. By syncing your needs with others on your street reduces so much waste. Just start a Ripple by sharing who you’ve hired and watch the power of the wave take effect. Less traffic and pollution in your city is a good thing.

Community Ripple
Community Ripple
It’s too Easy!

All you have to do is join. Once you’re a FREE member and you’ve updated your address, you’re instantly connected to the most responsible and intelligent way of living. Our community isn’t a community without YOU. Ready to join?