Meet the Team!

Who are Connecting Neighbors for Good

Community Ripple
Gabe Andersen – Founder

As CEO of Community Ripple, Gabe is actively creating better ways for neighbors to create more meaningful relationships while reducing inefficiency, waste and cost for Ripple’s members & clients. He has a degree in Human Services & is a publisher of community magazines.

Community Ripple
Jesse Woodhouse – Community Technical Officer

Jesse, acts as one of Community Ripple’s consultants and technical advisors. As an SEO expert he also helps with getting our mission in front of the right eyes. He has years of experience in Search Engine Optimization and web development.

Community Ripple
Sara Corrice – Community Foundation Organizer

Finding the right businesses and helping grow the ripple effect of our company is no small task. Sara makes sure we’re rippling out in all the right ways.